Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chitchat at IRC & e-mails

Since I had much course work those last days, I have only managed to follow the mailing lists and engage in conversations at #gsoc-pl about how is GSoC, get to know experience of others and their proposals (tons of great proposals!).

I have sent an e-mail to -students-list to invite students from xx country to #gsoc-xx (generalization here was intentional for others to use gsoc-jp , gsoc-us , etc) so that at #gsoc-pl we could exchange ideas and perhaps get some feedback from fellow students.

This is my first time at GSoC, and all guys (and girls) are really incredible. We've got fresh, motivating atmosphere all over the place :)! I have been also e-mailed by Matt, who has some experience on Android platform and will be happy to help in case I stumble upon a problem (cheers Matt!). Along the schedule, this weekend's focus is Android SDK.

By the way, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is out! Yay!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Accepted to GSoC 2010!

And here we are, AndroidU1 has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2010Yay! That has actually taken place on 26th of April at 19 UTC, however it's just now that I set up this blog (which for a short moment was a wiki).

I am happy to have Stuart Langridge as my mentor! Stuart is one of the most notable Canonical employees. I was amazed to find him on Canonical wiki page and this wiki page, and read what a talented guy he is. We have already had a few chats on IRC concernig AndroidU1 project and did some brainstorming, and I'm already sure I will have great support of his whilst designing and implementing the next killer app for Ubuntu One service ;) !

It so happened, that we are just about the release of Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, yay!) and Ubuntu One team, including aquarius, are making their best efforts to ship a high quality product really soon. That is the reason I'm not bugging them already to fill me with U1 details, but rather giving them some time to polish their work before release. Anyway, there's tons to read for me :)