Thursday, July 29, 2010

Version 0.2.13pa1 Now Available

Hey Everyone! Time for a new update to keep you all in the loop of some recent, and amazing, new changes.

As of today, 7/29/2010, version 0.2.13pa1 is now available for download and testing!
(Note: This is still a pre-alpha release and still under heavy development.)

Along with the new version comes the following new features:
  • New look to the UI. Matches much better.(Screenshots below)
  • FamFamFam icons are used, same as in WebUI.
    • Image/Video
    • Audio
    • File/Unknown File Type
    • Folder
  • Changelog will soon be available for viewing through the AndroidU1 (sysadmin of has to fix a certificate issue), but you can also find it here.
  • New "Downloading" and "Ready" toasts added.
  • Long Tap/Click brings up new context menu (needs fixing, sorry!).
  • Changing orientation has been sped up.

These are some awesome changes that have happened since the last release and I must say that I'm really impressed. AndroidU1 just feels much more stable now and every release brings a new user friendliness to the app.

Please feel free to download and test AndroidU1. Also, please remember to file bug reports if you encounter anything out of the norm. Known issues are listed in the changelog (we're working on them!). As always, we are available to chat and answer question in the irc ( #androidu1), check us out at the bottom of the blog! :-)


  1. Sorry, but the new version crashes on startup on my HTC Magic, the previous version worked fine.

  2. Hey danne,

    Would you be so kind and send the log report from the bottom of Preferences screen, please :) ?

  3. Also, please re-install. Some things have been recently update. Recently as in, post-blogging. :-)

  4. danne, that problem should be fixed in 0.2.15pa1 available for download, same link.

  5. Michal, great project! I found out about your project when looking through some of the GSoC projects. I would be very interested in testing your app on my Nexus One. Problem is I cannot seem to find a download link.

  6. I found the QR code link. U1 Android installed just fine. I've noticed a few bugs and force closes so far. I'll submit my log files...

  7. @karni:

    No, it crashes right after creating the account for the phone, so I can't access the preferences screen. Can I extract the logfile manually from the file system?

  8. @Lee_Machine
    Thanks :) Please check the new version and submit the log, it'll let me find the source of the problem.

    Hey, try 0.2.16pa (same link), and let me know if the problem is still there. If it is, extracting the logs can be done using LogCollector from the Market, you'll have to provide my mail - mkarnicki at gmail (run it after the crash)

  9. As I had problems with other applications that didn't support Android 1.5 I have now upgraded to Cyanogenmod 5.08 and AndroidU1 works fine.

  10. Thanks for letting me know danne! For most up-to-date version, visit . I plan to publish 0.4.4b soon (2-3 days at most hopefully).