Monday, May 24, 2010

First official coding day (night?)

I knew I would overdo it.. The beards are already singing and it's 4:15 AM on the clock :P
Is this the best coding time, or what :D! I was afraid of OAuth, which I'm new to, so I dug tens of pages and browsed at least 5-6 sample codes, using this or that, newer or older oauth version, with and without callback, blah blah blah. And I got it :D Signpost is dead simple (yeah, it's true what they write :) ), and they have those lovely sample codes, so I used one :) I jumped into ubuntuone-client Python code and dug a reference to /etc/xdg/ubuntuone/oauth_urls which I needed, set up few more variables, and..
Fetching request token from Ubuntu One...
Request token: GnpqrjR98jBcXXXXXXX
Token secret: pvBlJDjq1jgm9M14rzx0hgH2xXNnhFG8zC3VkqxDdshrSKcnbBNJwD6CCJR4XXXXXXXX
Now visit:
... and grant this app authorization
Enter the PIN code and hit ENTER when you're done:
Fetching access token from Ubuntu One...
Access token: ddxQlp8tfltXXXXXXXX
Token secret: Zn172Q7xsFdTlfB58LhLg4c8TzFmHRRhLWMQDCdvrrjJ27d0fkbk8qvVjN9rtbcnmfXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Sending request to Ubuntu One...
Response: 200 OK
Well, I'm more confident now ;)

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