Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OAuth continues

And no, the log-in procedure is far from perfect. I feel that 1/3 of the time I was fighting with this error (and it, or my bug, cases authorization to work after 2nd or even 3rd try):

oauth.signpost.exception.OAuthExpectationFailedException: Request token or token secret not set in server reply. The service provider you use is probably buggy.

And now, for desert:
loginButton clicked
Retrieving request token...
Request token: xDs38NX3MsrSDP7H5hg4
Request secret: Fb7wZ9Gq3502TLRBSVXnWgg1LC4j41s8XtKKS9fqcTmJ936sc3KxxxxxxxNglBkpZS6W0WPvw31lF
Saving request information...
Saving Request Token: xDs38NX3MsrSDP7H5hg4
Saving Request Secret: Fb7wZ9Gq3502TLRBSVXnWgg1LC4j41s8XtKKS9fqcTmJ936sc3KxxxxxxxhNglBkpZS6W0WPvw31lF
Starting browser with authURL:
callback URI: androidu1://?oauth_token=xDs38NX3MsrSDP7H5hg4&oauth_verifier=0d14b808-fee3-40ba-b05e-1aedd595ab03&return=
Saved request token: xDs38NX3MsrSDP7H5hg4
Saved request secret: Fb7wZ9Gq3502TLRBSVXnWgg1LC4j41s8XtKKS9fqcTmJxxxxxxxwMhWbhNglBkpZS6W0WPvw31lF
Restoring mConsumer state...
oauthToken: xDs38NX3MsrSDP7H5hg4
oauthVerifier: 0d14b808-fee3-40ba-b05e-1aedd595ab03
Retrieving access token...
Access token: xz2Xc2rlQ7nBJ3jG4hpm
Access secret: xz2Xc2rlQ7nBJ3jG4hpm
Saving access information...
Saving OAuth Token: xz2Xc2rlxxxxxG4hpm
Saving OAuth Secret: 9l5wXfmxlF0Px4RpZ5tm9R9fFKkr5kDGlWtsDfJrZV3hVQr1xxxxxxxxx0hRPdj3ScmThxMjzM78FP
Removing request information...
Clearing Request Token
Clearing Request Secret
Sending request to U1...
200 OK

There's one bug in the log, but my eyes already hurt. G'nite.

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