Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you Balsamiq

Hi everybody! As you already know, for the last two days (or nights actually) I have been using Balsamiq software to make my mock-ups.

I would like to happily share with you, that I have been generously granted a Balsamiq license key, so that I can use it's full potential and bring you the best quality mock-ups I can in this Open Source project. Latest pictures you have seen are just the beginning. There's still much to design and many decisions to make. I believe Balsamiq will make my sketching much more pleasant, than working with a pencil and rubber like I have before (I had quite a few sheets of paper wasted when I came up with the first drawings).

Please enjoy, and don't hesitate to share with me how would you like the application to work and look like in the future! Thank you Balsamiq!


  1. Michael, we are proud of you and your efforts. Enjoy Balsamiq Mockups and thanks for the good you're doing in the Open Source world!

  2. Thank you! This is how I look this evening: