Saturday, May 22, 2010

Regular update, May 21st

Hi all!

First, I wanted to thank for your comments, mails, even a wiki feature-request entry :) Your opinions and feedback is priceless, and one of the things that gratifies my efforts. Thank you, Ubuntu Community!

And now the update: yet again, Guillermo (aka verterok) is my hero ^ ^ To remind you, he's the one that has written ubuntuone-java-storageprotocol, which I will be using. He has answered all my questions, both really silly and some less-but-still-silly ;) (I am glad he believes there's no such thing as dumb questions :) ). He also spent quite a while helping me to properly configure the project with maven, which I am new to. Thank you, verterok!

Finally I was able to run the ExampleClient from within Eclipse, and see it in action. I also played a bit with the code, but plan much more code-fun for tomorrow (Saturday, that is).

Keep visiting, commenting, and sending your suggestions :) !

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