Sunday, May 23, 2010

Regular update, May 22th

Played with verterok's u1-java-storageprotocol example client code, tried to understand the Deferred and Deferred.Callbacks usage (seems like static class fields are the easiest way to overcome issues with scope of variable visibility in the callbacks, which I don't particularly like..) and added some simple CLI interactivity, as seen below (yeah, this is somewhat the very beginning of our Android app; a regular user would be at least moderately confused :D)


  1. Heya Mike,

    Good to see some stuff is happening :-)

    When can we expect a launchpad set-up? Also are you happy to have contributors (I don't know how it works with Google Code it terms of this?)

    When's your deadline to sort of get a working revision done?

  2. Hi Matt!

    Good to see you around. In the next 2-3 days I think, I should have an LP project set up. My mentor will set it up under U1 projects to make it a little 'more official', I'll update the blog so that anyone interested can subscribe.

    I'd be happy to have contributors - however, bad news is that the project will be closed (to code contributors) till the end of Google Summer of Code. Which means that August 20th is the earliest point I'll be able to accept contributions. That said, I'm kind of exclusive to this 3 month coding fun.. However, (speaking in general to everybody) I think I'm on the safe side accepting graphics/design/translation contributions and such. And naturally, I'll be bugging U1/Android developers to help me around for sure :) (in sense of hints and directions, rather than blocks of code).

    You can find a general schedule (suggested by me, quite long before I had better view on matters related to the project) here: . Like I said, it may be subject to changes (which is fine with GSoC), but in general the coding starts tomorrow. And though the schedule says June 12th, I might manage to get to that point faster. We'll see ;)