Monday, May 17, 2010

Regular update, May 16th

Today I read a bit from Android UI Guidelines, followed by doing Hello World and Notepad Tutorial step by step, very informative :) I also imported to Eclipse the Sample Sync Adapter sample code and poked around, but was sad to realize that the target Android API was 2.0, which means that if I would implement some sync functionality as the last stage of GSoC, the application wouldn't be compatible with older phones. I also hit #ubuntuone and #ubuntu-devel to get these GUI design tools:

  • (pen and paper are still fancy)
  • (however that I've also found earlier)

I also started to poke around ubuntuone-java-storageprotocol, but I see I'll really need some pointers from verterok on this.


  1. You might also find Pencil useful, although I don't know if it has an Android mode.

  2. Thanks! Checked that, it doesn't have Android mode, though there's some zip archive for GUI prototyping. However it seems to be just a nice background and nothing more.