Saturday, May 29, 2010

Launchpad project setup

Hi everybody! It's been a while. On Wednesday evening I broke my Ubuntu (installed an old udev driver) and made it unusable. I recovered on Thursday, talked to my mentor, seeked some feedback on IRC and investigated OAuth behaviour (there are still issues, doesn't work every time).

I have setup a launchpad project, which you will find here. Since I don't want people to unintentionally bzr branch (download) the development sources, which can be broken any time and are suitable for review (or testing) only, I have left the trunk series with main branch empty. Therefore if you're interested in the devel branch, check this out. Whenever I will implement a feature in 0.x series, I will push that to the main branch.

Tomorrow I'm co-organizing this conference, and afterwards I plan to see into releases, blueprints and milestones of the lp project (+ some nightly hacking).

Stay tuned. I wonder if my project can have it's mailing list.. ah! I'll set up androidu1-users group :D

PS I should have started writing my blog post in HTML long ago ;) No stress at all.

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