Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Regular update, May 11th

I was getting worried, that I have little time left. It's late in the night, and today I only managed to reread the NotePad Intents declarations and read through Data Storage section. And you know what? Actually, I'm in a pretty good shape! (See: picture on the right)

From the Framework topics, I've got only Content Providers and Security and Permissions left :) (Graphics, Audio, etc are unrelated to my project). This feels right, as it's about time I start some storageprotocol-related code testing - it will be the very base for my work.

I leave Publishing for later, as I have to implement the application first :P

Best practices - well.. I should read that, anyway - as soon as possible. I've watched some Android-team movies concerning performance, responsiveness and seamlessness.

All in all I must admit, this documentation is quite a load of reading ;)

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